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Instruction of application



Stage I: Soaking
  • casings must be soaked in a 10-15% salt solution in the temperature of  20 ± 5°C for 15 minutes before use; in case of ring casings solution temperature should be 25 ± 5°C;
  • in case of wrinkled casings soaking time should be extended for about 5 minutes;
  • in case of RTU and edible collagen caings casings soaking needs to be skipped;
  • during soaking the whole casing must be immersed in water;


Stage II: Filling
  • the casings should be stuffed on machines suitable with FABIOS technological equirements (hand and automatic filling machines);
  • you must remember to use the recommended fillings depending on the chosen size of the casing;


Stage III: Clipping or tying
  • FABIOS casings can be clipped automatically;
  • clipping machines especially for collagen casings are suggested;
  • the thickness of the clips should be properly chosen;
  • the casing can be hand tied;


Stage IV: Termal treatment
  • in case of FG and FC, casings scalding temperature should not  be higher than 75°C and smoking - 90°C;
  • in case of  FGR and FGL  casings, the maximal temperature of procesising with cold smoke is 40°C;


Stage V: cooling or maturing
  • after finishing the scaldind or smoking process, the meat products should be cooled instantly;
  • the cooling should allow the product to gain optimal temperature;
  • in case of FGR or FGL casings treated whit cold smoke, resting of the products is required;
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