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Occupattional Health and Safety Policy FABIOS S.A.

The Occupational Health and Safety Policy, as an integral part of the management strategy in place at FABIOS S.A., was elaborated out of concern for high standards of safety at work, health protection and social conditions, with concurrent satisfaction of the requirements imposed by PN-N-18001:2004/OHSAS 18001:2007.


The Management Board of FABIOS S.A. guarantees satisfaction of legal and other OHS requirements and believes that accidents at work, near misses and occupational diseases can be avoided through continuous identification and elimination of risks in the Company.


For the purpose of the above, we ensure:

  • assessment of compliance with legal requirements,
  • day-to-day assessment of occupational risks for individual jobs,
  • annual elaboration of OHS improvement plans and updates thereof,
  • continuous improvement of OHS conditions for individual jobs through implementation of new technical, technological and organisational solutions,
  • measures needed for execution of investments and implementation of other principles of the OHS policy,
  • qualified staff and good contact between people,
  • exploitation of employees’ ideas and requests and staff engagement in the promotion of occupational health and safety,
  • continuous improvement and increasing qualifications of our employees in the area of OHS.


All our employees, outsourced companies who perform works for us as well as our guests and visitors should feel safe and know the potential risks that may be encountered in our plants. Therefore, all employees and other persons working and staying at FABIOS S.A. are expected to abide by the applicable OHS provisions.

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