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Food safety and quality policy FABIOS S.A.

FABIOS S.A. manufactures collagen casings, films and foils for processed meat products.


It is our priority to meet our customers’ expectations and win their trust by offering products which fully satisfy their needs and requirements. We are also working hard to gain significant market power in collagen casing industry.


In order to be able to achieve the above-mentioned targets, we engage the entire personnel and use the most recent achievements in science and technology, thus guaranteeing satisfaction of all legal requirements concerning quality and safety of the products offered.


FABIOS S.A. is working to achieve its strategic objectives related to food safety:

  • use of raw materials and materials which satisfy quality and food safety requirements;
  • improvement of infrastructural resources and production technology;
  • continuous process supervision and monitoring;
  • continuous improvement of qualification and awareness of the employees concerning food quality and safety requirements;
  • ensuring high hygiene regime at the stage of production, warehousing and distribution;
  • identification and satisfaction of customers’ needs, expanding the range of products;
  • ensuring effective internal and external communication;
  • satisfaction of environmental requirements.


We ensure effective measures necessary for optimum implementation of the Food Safety and Quality Management System IFS/PN-EN ISO 22000:2005 / ISO 9001:2008, acting in the best interest of our customers and employees of the company. The system is maintained at all levels of the company and is subjected to regular reviews, monitoring and improvement and supported by measurable objectives.


The Food Safety and Quality Policy has been duly implemented and communicated and is known to all employees of the organisation. Additionally, it is subjected to reviews and updates, depending on the needs.

Since 1973, FABIOS S.A. marks its market opertion. During that time the company developed, entered new markets, and improved production technolgy. Thanks to that policy FABIOS is a worldwide recognizable brand. READ MORE
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